Being a Member

Being a Member

We are building a diverse community that uses clear communication and consensus decision-making to promote cooperation.


In the current planning phase, members of the New Plymouth Cohousing group get together once a fortnight for a general meeting. These meetings will be less frequent once we are living in the community.

In addition, we have “working groups”, Promotion and communications, Legal & financial and Land. These focus groups can involve additional meetings, outings and individual work.

During other phases of the project (construction, living in the community) there will be other areas that we will have focus groups for too, such as maintenance of shared buildings and gardens, coordination of the common house, administration, etc.

Discussion, Decision Making and Action Planning

We use a powerful but simple system using Coloured Cards for facilitating discussion and making decisions. This coloured cards method has been used at Earthsong Cohousing Community and allowed a group of ordinary people to create a major innovative housing development.

If consensus is not reached after two meetings, and the proposal is considered both important and urgent, the decision can be made by a 75% majority vote of people eligible to take part in the decision-making.

communication agreement

Following our Communication Agreement enables us to discuss matters in an efficient, honest and respectful way.


While we value the personal freedom of our members, we also acknowledge that the success of our cohousing community depends on the willingness of every member to participate, ideally in a way that matches each individual’s interests and skill set.

Once we are living in our cohousing neighbourhood, we will need to take care of the shared gardens and facilities, carry out administration, coordinate shared meals in the common house, etc. The time required from each member to do these shared tasks will be determined at a later stage, but based on the experiences of other cohousing communities, we expect it will be around two hours per week.

Being part of the New Plymouth Cohousing Community involves an opportunity as well as the commitment to co-create and maintain a healthy, vibrant, beautiful environment for us and future generations to thrive in.

Expression of interest

Please contact us to express your interest in becoming a member of the New Plymouth Cohousing Community.