Private Homes

Private Homes

We envisage a vibrant living environment that enables and encourages connection and neighbourliness, honours privacy, and supports biodiversity.

We are a group of diverse individuals and families, a not-for-profit group who are planning to create a neighbourhood we will live in. The idea is to purchase urban land in New Plymouth large enough to build approximately 30 homes.

We aim to recreate many of the advantages of the traditional village such as enjoying both private and public spaces. We will have ownership of our own home and share ownership of the communal spaces.

In addition to promoting social connection, the neighbourhood will be designed to the best practicable standards of environmental sustainability which will guide the layout and design of the buildings, choice of materials, landscaping and services.

Once the land is purchased, we will issue an open invitation to any who are interested in becoming members, with a view to purchasing a home in the community. As a group we will develop a plan for the whole property and for the houses and community spaces. All houses will be sold off the plans and 12 months after purchasing the land, we aim to have full membership so that construction can start immediately.

Members will actively participate in the design of the houses. Other than variation in house size, configurations and building materials will be relatively uniform to keep costs down and give a pleasing design aesthetic to the neighbourhood.

Expression of interest

Please contact us to express your interest in becoming a member of the New Plymouth Cohousing Community.